12Apr2013 [FAN] Did you cried when watching JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert?

The concert has ended for many days. Please pardon me for writing this post.

I am a high school student living in the student dormitory where I can’t use the computer freely. Besides using the computer twice a week during lesson, the rest I was only able to use my phone and secretly connect to the school Wi-Fi. Only the classroom has Wi-Fi therefore most of the time I was in there.

I am a new fan and joined Micky Baidu Bar about 70 days ago, there’s a lot to read, and every night I had to stand outside the classroom to download the videos. (The signal is strongest). My 16GB memory card is full of Yuchun’s videos.

The few days of the concert was no exception, every day as long as there is new video, I’ll immediately download and watch in the night under the bedcover of my bed…

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